Welcome to Wings Of Hope

Welcome to Wings Of Hope!

We hope you follow along with us on this amazing journey God has entrusted us with. Here we will post about upcoming events and our goals, thoughts, ideas, hope's and dreams on our mission to spread awareness on mental health issues like addiction, depression and suicide.

These issues have affected our lives personally. People we love have suffered from addiction and depression and sadly someone we hold dear to us committed suicide. Mariah Hull lost her battle to both addiction and suicide on October 25th, 2015. Her struggle inspired us to go on a mission to stop the stigma attached to addiction so people like Mariah will seek help instead of isolating themselves because they are ashamed.

We are dedicated to breaking the silence! Please join us on our call to action to end the stigma on addiction and depression. Let's be their voice!

Wings of Hope LLC.
Wings of Hope Founders
Founded On Love and Heartache' By Hope Dealer's
Ana Counts, Heather Massey, Cathy Clegg & Allen Counts


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