Our Mission

 I am just one person who saw a need in an area where people needed a little kindness, a helping hand. Our recovery community needs solicitude, they are broken and at a loss greater than you and I will ever understand. Some are lucky and have family who are willing to help but most of them are homeless coming off the streets. Sadly, there is hardly any compassion for recovering addicts. What people forget that these are people too and they are fighting addiction, depression, anxiety, mental illness and could use some humanity.  

Wings of Hope is dedicated to the memory Mariah Hull who lost her battle with depression while fighting her addiction to heroin, taking her own life on October 25, 2015. Mariah, like so many had limited resources. She managed to go to a 28-day program but did not have the money to go and continue recovery or to move into a sober living facility.  In my attempt to turn my pain in to a positive my dream is to form a 501c3 and help support men and women like Mariah. My mission is to provide scholarships in Mariah's memory to a select few via application process so they can continue on their journey of sobriety. The idea is to give the recovering a head start on one month's rent at a sober living facility approved by Wings of Hope.    

In addition, my goal and vision are to provide handmade no-sew blankets to those in recovery. This is where the humanity comes into the picture. I found out by accident how a little bit of human kindness goes a long way. I was given a donation of over a dozen handmade throw blankets. I took them to Crossroads for women and they loved them! They picked their one blanket and immediately they wrapped it around their shoulders and gave themselves a hug and smiled with gratitude. They were touch that someone made them these blankets and they valued that. HUMAN KINDNESS can make a difference!

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