About Us

Wings of Hope is dedicated to Mariah Hull who lost her battle with depression while fighting her addiction to heroin, taking her own life on October 25, 2015. Wings of Hope was inspired by Ana Counts to do something in honor of Mariah. Mariah loved to read and would lose herself in books for hours which gave Ana the inspiration of her first approved project - to build a small library in memory of Mariah Hull.

Crossroads for Woman in Phoenix, AZ is where Mariah first found recovery and was the decided location to launch of Wings of Hope's first project. Crossroads was gracious enough to approve a small but humble library in their common area where Ana, her husband and her brother painted the walls purple (Mia's favorite color) and put up brand new book shelf's along the back wall and filled them with donated books. The library was completed on March 7th, 2016 on Mariah's Birthday five months after her death.

Speaking is key, Wings of Hope has done speaking events and would love to speak to your group or event about Mariah's story and about my story as a mother of an addict. My hope is to inspire others to seek help, to break the silence  and to show human kindness.


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